SP2-0110: Cannot create save file "afiedt.buf"".

This Problem can be resolved in multiple ways:
User runs sqlplus from windows which is installed on a network Problem.
sqlplus tries to write "afiedt.buf" to a directory on the network to which the user does not have write privileges.

1)  Always run the SQL Command Line as administrator. as depicted in figure 1.
Figure 1: SQL Command line

  2) Sometimes we get this error message because we don't have write permission on the Current directory. Either start sqlplus from a different directory. So it’s better to create a folder in any place of your computer. For example, we create a folder in D directory and named it as MyProgr folder.

Go to the Oracle installation directory and browse through the bin directory to find out the sqlplus file. For example, the installation location of Oracle 10g is  C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\10.2.0\server\BIN in our computer as depicted in figure 2. So, we have to go there and find out sqlplus file. Now, copy this file and past it to the (MyProgr) folder as depicted in Figure 3.

Figure 2: bin source

Figure 3: Sqlplus in New folder
 3)  Open Command Prompt
       Set editor=notepad
       Open sqlplus and login with user as in figure 2.
Figure 2: prompt

4) We get this error message because we don't have write permission on the current directory. Either start sqlplus from a different directory, or change the editfile entry in sqlplus:

SQL>set editfile d:/sqledit.sql
In above code, you can use any drive for this and any file name.
SQL>set editfile d:/reddy/sqledit.sql

This above listed Steps will easily remove the error SP2-0110: Cannot create save file "afiedt.buf"

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