1. BBEdit is a text editor with powerful code editing features like the ability to search and replace text from multiple files.

2. ConTEXT is a simple yet powerful notepad replacement. It has most of the same functionalities as Notepad++, and a few additional features like the ability to record macros. Windows, free.

3. Coffeecup HTML Editor is a fully-fledged web code editor with some unique functionality like the ability to take any website and edit its code in your own test environment. Windows/Mac,

4. Chocolat is an editor that boasts split editing, code completion and a Vim mode that lets you edit text in a shell-style environment.

5. Coda 2 is a Mac-based editor that allows code-folding, has auto-complete and an in-built SWL editor.

6.  Emacs is a Linux specific text editor with a high degree of extensibility and customizability. It is one of the best known Linux text editors. Linux, free.

7. EditPlus is a text/code editor with built-in FTP functionality. Windows, $35 per single user license; group discounts available. 
8.  Espresso is another Mac-based editor with real-time preview functionality and codefolding.

9. Notepad++ is a notepad replacement with the ability to highlight and check code syntax. It also supports tabbed file editing. A great first choice for programmers. Windows, free.

10.Sublime Text is an advanced text editor that has a slick interface with advanced search functionality and advanced viewing modes. Windows/Mac/Linux,

11. Topstyle 5 is an HTML5 and CSS3 focused editor with syntax highlighting, auto completion, and a nifty feature that allows you to click on classes and find styles defined for the classes. Windows.

12. TextWrangler is a general purpose text editor for Mac with enhanced functionality for different programming languages. Mac.     
13.  Textmate brings a unique approach to text editors by combining unix-style functionality into an editor. It allows you to write and edit code Emacs-style and even lets you run shell code within the editor.

 14. UltraEdit is another code-geared text editor. It supports extremely large files and even hex files. Windows/Mac/Linux.


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