What are the components that are used in computer network.
  * Server
* Workstations
* Network Interface cards
* Cabling system
* Shared resources and peripherals.

  What is the use of network interface cards.

  Network Interface Cards are used to control the flow of data between Personal computers and Workstations.
Network Interface Cards lie at Data Link Layer.

  What is the standard supported by Wireless LANS?


  Which is the backbone of networking.

Routers (Also called as Gateways.)

What is a Brouter.

It is a combination of Bridge and Router.
Shortcut:  Brouter=Bridge+Router

Concurrency control is managed by

Session Layer

What is Isosynchronous transmission.
It is a cluster of Synchronous and Asynchronous transmission.
Tip: Isosynchronous =Synchronous+Asynchronous

Describe the use of ISDN.
ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network.
ISDN is used to integrate WAN with voice tile services.

What is congestion.

Congestion is a situation that occurs when too many packets are to be sent over the network resulting in decrease in performance speed.

Who is a cracker.

A cracker is one who breaks into  a computer system without authorization aimed to destroy, steal secret,personal,confidential information.

What is spoofing.

It is a technique of creating fake responses to keep a session active and prevent timeouts.

A standard e-mail supports 

RFC 822 Standard(Message Format).

Bandwidth of fibre optic cables

1 Gbps

What is the Use of a concentrator.

Used to connect more devices to a computer.


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