Artifical Intelligence Quiz 1

****Artificial Intelligence****

What are the composition for agents in artificial intelligence?
a) Program
b) Architecture
c) Both a & b  
d) None of the mentioned 
Explanation:An agent program will implement function mapping percepts to actions.

In which agent does the problem generator is present?
a) Learning agent  
b) Observing agent
c) Reflex agent
d) None of the mentioned
Problem generator will give the suggestion to improve the output for learning agent..

Which is used to improve the agents performance?
a) Perceiving
b) Learning
c) Observing
d) None of the mentioned
Explanation:An agent can improve its performance by storing its pervious actions.

Which agent deals with happy and unhappy states?
a) Simple reflex agent
b) Model based agent
c) Learning agent
d) Utility based agent
Explanation:A utility function maps a state onto a real number which describes the associated degree of happiness.

Which action sequences are used to achieve the agent’s goal?
a) Search
b) Plan
c) Retrieve
d) Both a & b
Explanation: When the environment becomes more tricky means, the agent needs plan and search action sequence to achieve the goal.

Which element in agent are used for selecting external actions?
a) Perceive
b) Performance   
c) Learning
d) Actuator

An omniscient agent knows the actual outcome of its actions and can act accordingly; but omniscience is impossible in reality. Rational Agent always does the right thing; but Rationality is possible in reality. State true or false
a) True  ans
b) False

The Task Environment of an agent consists of
a) Sensors
b) Actuators
c) Performance Measures
d) Environment
Answer: a, b, c, d
Explanation: The task environment of an agent is described by four parts performance measures, sensors, actuators and environment, generally known as the PEAS descriptions.

What could possibly be the environment of a Satellite Image Analysis System?
a) Computers in space and earth
b) Image categorization techniques
c) Statistical data on image pixel intensity value and histograms
d) All of the mentioned
Explanation: An environment is something which agent stays in.

How many types of agents are there in artificial intelligence?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
 The four types of agents are Simple reflex, Model based, Goal based and Utility based agents.

Categorize Crossword puzzle in Fully Observable / Partially Observable.
a) Fully Observable
b) partially Observable
Answer: a
Explanation: In cross word puzzle an agent knows the complete state of the environment through its sensors.

The game of Poker is a single agent.
a) True
b) False
Answer: b
Explanation: The game of poker involves multiple player, hence its works in Multi-agent environment.

Satellite Image Analysis System is (Choose the one that is not applicable).
a) Episodic
b) Semi-Static
c) Single agent
d) Partially Observable
Answer: d
Explanation: System knows the current status of the analysis thought its inputs.

What is the rule of simple reflex agent?
a) Simple-action rule
b) Condition-action rule
c) Both a & b
d) None of the mentioned
Answer: b
Explanation: Simple reflex agent is based on the present condition and so it is condition action rule.

An agent is composed of,
a) Architecture
b) Agent Function
c) Perception Sequence
d) Architecture and Program
Answer: d
Explanation: An agent is anything that can be viewed as perceiving and acting upon the environment through the sensors and actuators.

In which of the following agent does the problem generator is present?
a) Learning agent
b) Observing agent
c) Reflex agent
d) None of the mentioned
Answer: a
Explanation: Problem generator will give the suggestion to improve the output for learning agent.

Which search agent operates by interleaving computation and action?
a) Offline search
b) Online search
c) Breadth-first search
d) Depth-first search
Explanation:In online search, it will first take an action and then observes the environment.

What is called as exploration problem?
a) State and actions are unknown to the agent
b) State and actions are known to the agent
c) Only actions are known to agent
d) Both b & c
Explanation:Online search is a necessary idea for an exploration problem where the states and actions are unknown to the agent.

Which are necessary for an agent to solve an online search problem?
a) Actions
b) Step-cost function
c) Goal-test
d) All of the mentioned
Explanation:An online search problem can be solved by an agent executing actions, So these functions are necessary.

When do we call the states are safely explorable?
a) A goal state is unreachable from any state
b) A goal state is denied access
c) A goal state is reachable from every state  
d) None of the mentioned
 Answer: C

In which state spaces does the online-dfs-agent will work?
a) Irreversible state spaces
b) Reversible state spaces
c) searchable state spaces
d) All of the mentioned
Explanation:Online-DFS-Agent will work only state spaces where the actions are reversible.

Which of the following algorithm is online search algorithm?
a) Breadth-first search algorithm
b) Depth-first search algorithm
c) Hill-climbing search algorithm
d) None of the mentioned
Explanation:Hill-climbing search algorithm will have only current state in memory, So it is a online search algorithm.

Which search algorithm will use limited amount of memory?
b) SMA*
c) Hill-climbing search algorithm
d) Both a & b

Explanation:RBFE and SMA* will solve any kind of problem that A* can’t by using limited amount of memory.


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